Lab coats for font nerds

Fashion Week: The trend zone

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is wrapping up, and trendspotting has been the sport du jour in New York this week. The rule has always been that two sightings of something is a coincidence and three’s a trend. But with hundreds of millions of daily data points at our disposal via Topsy Pro, we thought we’d set the bar a bit higher. Which trends are the Twittersphere—not just the editors—buzzing about? And how can retailers use these insights to drive their spring buying decisions?

This graph shows cumulative potential impressions (a count of the total number of followers of anyone who tweeted or retweeted about a particular topic) for eight of the most talked-about runway trends at Fashion Week. Looks like spring will be white-hot, and we’ll probably be sporting some fabulous nail art. Crop tops and Google Glass? Not as much.

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We can visualize the same data using a share of voice chart to show what percentage of the overall social conversation was devoted to each of these eight trends over the past seven days:


Real-time analysis of the social conversation around emerging trends is critical for retailers who are making buying decisions for the upcoming season. Feedback directly from the market—and not just from fashion editors—can help buyers make data-driven decisions about what will actually fly off the racks in stores.

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