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The week according to Topsy (9/20)

Happy Friday! Here’s a quick look back at some of the top stories that hit Twitter feeds around the world this week.

Grand Theft Auto V smashed sales records

The fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto topped $1 billion in sales this week, more than tripling the $310 million made by Grand Theft Auto IV. More than 8 million tweets mentioned Grand Theft Auto this week. Activity accelerated closer to the launch date of September 17, when exposure exceeded 200 million potential impressions.

Drake album leaked early

Drake’s new album drops September 24, but an early leak led to support from fans on Twitter. Drake consistently receives about 20,000 mentions per hour on weekdays, but after his album leaked, mentions spiked above 100,000 per hour.

iOS7 bounced back after initial complaints

Sentiment analysis on iOS7 reveals some slight dips, largely due to initial complaints of slow downloading—but sentiment remains positive.

Meanwhile, lines for iPhones continued to grow

Mentions of lines in conjunction with the iPhone, or lining up for the iPhone, increased rapidly on Friday. Many tweeters posted their own pictures of the massive queues.

America’s Cup fever reached New Zealand

This week, New Zealand overtook the U.S. in tweet volume about #AmericasCup. America’s Cup has had a meek social media presence in the U.S.—but the sailing series has enjoyed greater success in New Zealand, whose Emirates team is battling Oracle in the finals. About a million Americans tuned in to watch the initial Emirates/Oracle races, but in New Zealand—a much smaller country—approximately 820,000 sailing fans tuned in.

Ahead for the weekend: The Emmys

The Emmy Awards are coming up on Sunday. This year, tributes to Cory Monteith and James Gandolfini will likely be hot topics. Game of Thrones looks to be a favorite, and there will be the usual commentary on celebrity style choices.

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