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Respond to incidents home and abroad

Search and analyze and the world's largest social data index to pinpoint and isolate potential threats, deploy resources in a natural disaster, and detect and understand events as they unfold using content and opinions from people on the ground.

Organizations that trust Topsy:

  • The White House The White House
  • Esri Esri
  • Maryland Maryland
  • The Washington Post The Washington Post
  • Geico Geico

Instant, relevance–ranked insights for emergency response and public safety teams

Monitor social channels, direct aid resources, and engage with affected individuals in real time during natural disasters or public safety threats.

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Real–time event monitoring

Get real–time insight into breaking news, elections, conflicts, and public reaction by analyzing social conversation among individuals on the ground. Quickly identify the key influencers who are driving communication around an event, hashtag, or piece of content.

Localized insights

Topsy geo–inferencing technology makes it easy to find individuals on the ground or key influencers in specific areas, compare communication across regions, and calculate potential impressions for messaging down to the city level.

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Real-time social leaderboards

During the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, Topsy and Twitter created the Twitter Political Index (or Twindex), which provided a daily gauge of voters’ sentiment for each candidate as expressed on Twitter. You can do the same with Topsy APIs.

“Since Topsy’s social index gave us instant access to the metrics and insights we needed, it was easy to get up and running fast—just in time to cover the most crucial moments of the 2012 election.”

—Paul Singer, Politics Editor, USA Today


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